De Klen Cap

An effective formula that combines various fibrous fruits and vegetables. It helps to promote healthy gastrointestinal movement. It is definitely our colon's ultimate cleaner. Toxins are one of the main root causes for diseases and premature aging. Bio Green and De Klen Cap are an effective combination that not only removes accumulated toxins stored in the body but at the same time, improves the functions of liver, also reduce glyceroids and cholesterol in blood system. A product that promote healthy detoxification and improves beauty so that disease and illness will stay away from you!


Herba Andrographitis and Rhizoma Rhei

Neutralizes and clean out the toxins accumulated inside colon.
Relieves internal heatiness of the body.
Stimulates bowel movement and treatment of constipation.
Detoxifies and protect the liver.
To treat minor respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, cold and flu.
Inhibits the growth of micro microorganisms in the intestine.
Increases the secretion of bile.
Treatment of skin infection.

Recommended Usage
For those who consume Bio Green (sachet pack) in the morning, take one capsule everyday before sleep.

For those who do not consume Bio Green (sachet pack), take two capsules everyday before sleep.

For those who consume this product for the first time, take one capsule before sleep and resume to two capsules after two weeks.